Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

with Mathew Ingles, RYT

Local, or anywhere in the world.

Online Services

Long distance services available with webcam conferences.
 Available via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. 
Major credit cards accepted. 
Contact Mathew for an appointment. Most appointments can be made within a few hours.
What is yoga lifestyle coaching?
Yoga lifestyle coaching is working one on one with a yoga teacher better use the tools of yoga to become healthier, and go beyond what just a physical yoga class can do.Since no two people are alike, no two practices are alike. Yoga is best taught to one person at a time.
Yoga is not just a physical practice. Yoga is a whole method of living used to help us become a healthier, happier person. 

What is the yoga lifestyle?
The yoga lifestyle is a method for living based on the teachings of the Bagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with many influences by related schools. The method of yoga is a well established and in depth philosophy that includes techniques for personal healing, growth, and development. Things like:
  • improving the way we view and treat yourself, others, and interact with world.
  • physical health through fitness and nutrition methods like asana, and ayurvedics, and a diet correct for your body.
  • mental and emotional health through meditation and pranayama.
  • personal empowerment through self realization and acceptance. 

Who uses yoga lifestyle coaching?

Fees for sessions:

 Online video conferencing is $25 an hour. Private session house calls or in-studio for the Ithaca or Cortland, NY area is $50-$70 an hour. Also available for travel. Contact Mathew for an appointment. 
People who want to use the yoga method to reach a goal. With a little coaching and encouragement, we are often capable of a lot more than we think. Lots of people use yoga lifestyle coaching in some way. People who want to:
  • take their yoga practice to the next level.
  • develop a personal home practice that fits their body types (any type, shape, ability, or disability)
  • learn meditation of pranayama.
  • control weight or improve health.
  • recover from illness or injury.
  • increase your mental or physical capabilities.
  • deal with a hard to manage life situation.
  • deal with loss or grief.
  • learn or discuss the philosophies of yoga.

Do I have to take yoga classes?
Not if you don't want to. You may be encouraged to try one, or develop a home asana (physical yoga) practice, depending on who you are. Yoga consists of much more than the physical practice.

What can we talk about?
You can talk about anything.  Life is yoga. You can talk about anything in your life, and how your yoga practice fits with that.  I am held to a code of ethics by my registration with the Yoga Alliance. What we discuss is strictly confidential. 

How do i begin?
Simple. First, have a desire to better yourself and situation, which you do, or you would not be reading this. Then, contact me, and we will set up our first consultation.