Workshops offered by Huck

These are some of the workshops that Huck has available.
See the upcoming events page for dates. 

If you would like to book any of these workshops for your studio or event, contact Huck and arrange a date. All workshops are beginner friendly. 

"Seeking Our True Nature. A Day of Classical Yoga"
A day long workshop with Huckleberry Mathew Ingles, RYT
(Can also be done over two days.)

Combining power vinyasa, restorative yoga, guided mediation, and yoga philosophy, Mathew has created a workshop that will change the way you see your yoga practice. Focusing on stress management and personal empowerment, his style will encourage you to take your body, mind and spirit to new levels.  His down to earth, frank, and real world approach to meditation and philosophy will put you at ease, and make a deeper level of yoga practice available to you. 

First three hours:
Hour one: warm up and vinyasa yoga practice. 
Hour two: the nature of the mind according to the Sutras of Patanjali followed a ten minute sitting meditation.
Hour three: power yoga, mixed with discussion on stress management. 
Lunch break, or overnight break.

Second three hours:
Hour four: finding our "true nature" through meditation, and the yogic philosophy of the "four aims". 
Hour five: meditation practice teaching, and a few different simple guided meditations. 
Hour six: restorative yoga, yoga nidra session, and complete shavasana.

The following workshops are about 2.5 hours each, and are offered individually.

"Taming the Stress with Power Yoga"  with Mathew "Huck" Ingles, RYT
In this workshop participants explore the ability of power vinyasa yoga practice to help reduce a person's stress and anxiety. Through an understanding of the stress response, and a disire to improve one's control over it, we can learn to better meet the challenges in life, and come to a more peaceful, happier place. 

"Dissecting Downward Dog" with Mathew "Huck" Ingles, RYT
This workshop focuses on the alignment of Downward Dog Pose, and how it fits into vinyasa, and how it affects our practice.. Downward Dog Pose is the foundation of many vinyasas. Participants will explore variation of pose, and get a chance to examine, explore, and reconstruct their down dogs, creating a stronger, safer, smarter practice. 

"Introduction to Yoga Meditation" with Mathew "Huck" Ingles, RYT
This is an introduction to the skill of meditation as taught by the Yoga Sutras. We will start with a general discussion on what meditation is, and how it fits into the yoga lifestyle, and simple step by step method for developing a yoga meditation practice. A short asana practice will be followed by a silent sitting session, cool down, and savasana.

"The Ultimate Savasana" With Mathew "Huck" Ingles, RYT
Do you love savasana pose? Come and explore the depths of savasana. We will learn a bit about the pose and the ideas behind it. We will experience a yoga nidra, a deep form of guided relaxation. Then, working with partners, we will learn to provide a savasana adjustment series that you can use to help others relax, yogin or not. This workshop will be mixed with gentle vinyasa.