The Ithaca Winter Yoga Melt
The sixth annual! 
When: February 11th and 12th, 2017  Where: Ithaca, NY Ramada Executive Conference Center

Two Days
Eight Workshops
An Evening of Music
Indoor Pool and Sauna

The Ithaca Winter YogaMelt is an affordable event where different styles of yogis come together to teach and learn.

Take as many classes as you like, learn new and inspiring things, and meet amazing people. Learn with the best teachers in the area. Beginners and more advanced students welcome! 

You may also register by check. Email for information.
No refunds. Teachers and workshops subject to change.


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Jeremy Martin

Bootcamp Yoga = Hatha Yoga + Interval training. Class combines western fitness theories with the physical practice of yoga. We will discuss how these principles are applied, or vary from, traditional yoga. EXAMPLE: A yogi might be requested to hold postures for 90 secs. Or it might be asked of you to complete a vinyasa for a number of repetitions. It's still yoga. The execution of the practice is the difference.


Gina Newlin

AcroYoga Fundamentals is designed to introduce people with a current yoga practice to the partner practice of AcroYoga at an entry-level that is both accessible and challenging. No partner is necessary. Participants will experience partner flows, counterbalancing and L-basing or "flying" poses in trios consisting of base, flyer and spotter. We will also learn partner-spotted inversions.


Huck Ingles

Safe and Effective Assists.

Learn to give and receive safe and effective yoga assists.


Jody Kessler

Bhakti Yoga: The path of Devotion
Led by Jyoti (Jody Kessler) and members of One Love Chant
Take your yoga practice beyond the mat and into the heart, with chanting, mantra practice, inspiration from the Bhaghavad Gita, and a simple puja (worship) ritual. In this workshop, we will explore ways to deepen and expand our practice by tapping into the power of the heart. You are welcome to bring a sacred object and/or photo (from any spiritual tradition) that inspires your devotion.


Mark Nanni

Winter indoor picnic by the fire, with live music by well-known local yoga musician Mark Nanni.



Alison Christiansen

Title: Cultivating Self-Compassion through Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga is a tradition which emphasizes developing compassionate self-acceptance, observing thought processes without judgment and incorporating these practices into everyday life. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore qualities of self-compassion through breath work, an all-levels asana practice and meditation. As we create compassion on the mat, we may feel more empowered to integrate this practice into our daily lives and relationships. Please bring any props that may be supportive for your practice.


Justin Wolfer

From Humble Beginnings to Mastery.

We all start yoga from humble beginnings. The practice uncovers physical weakness, rigidity and disconnect within the body and triggers frustration, insecurity and fear in the nervous system. So what do we do with this? How do we move beyond these experiences?
This workshop will focus on laying the ground work for your own journey towards mastery - where you are and how your practice becomes the engine that moves you forward.
The asana portion of this workshop will focus on intermediate to advanced transitions. Expect a short discussion and then a challenging vinyasa practice with instructions for all levels of practitioner to progress towards their own realizations.


Mikey Shantaya

Gentle Vinyasa- accessible postures, set accordingly to the level of the group. The movement is connected by the breath and is a steady flow of energy.


Dena Beratta

Hula Hoop Basics
This workshop is an introduction to hooping for fun and fitness. The class is geared for beginners, but if you have some experience, feel free to join us and show us your own moves! We'll be blending Hoopnotica Flow ("moves" and dance) with Hoopnotica Fit (cardio and lunges), The workshop will include discussion about how to choose a hoop, warm-ups and detailed instructions for each technique, and some “hoop jam” time—a free period to work on techniques or blending moves together into a personal flow. I’ll have some hoops available for loan or purchase, or bring your own if you have one!

Reviews and comments from past events:

- I had a great weekend!! A little sore but well worth it! Thank you and look forward to future events :-)
- What a wonderful weekend. So many new experiences and great new friends. I loved it! Only regret? Didn't get to experience ALL the classes!
- We had a blast! What a fun weekend. What amazing talent, spirit, and fun! Really looking forward to next year. Thanks for pulling it together!
- Thank you to all for such a wonderful weekend! I had so much fun trying new forms of yoga and meeting such great and inspiring people!

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