Thai Yoga Therapy

Mathew offers Thai Yoga Bodywork as part of his services. As well as being a registered yoga teacher, Mathew is also certified level one by the SomaVeda Institute for Thai Yoga Therapy, and is a registered practitioner with the International Thai Therapists Association (ITTA). 

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient style of one-on-one yoga used to support the body-mind-spirit's ability to heal and care for itself. Using a specially designed series of assisted postures and techniques, a Thai Yoga Session takes the receiver to a place of total relaxation and bliss.

Some people compare Thai Yoga Bodywork to traditional massage. While it's true that some of the benefits are the same, Thai Yoga Bodywork is not massage. Thai Yoga Bodywork uses your range of motion to affect the deeper regions of your body. And, unlike traditional massage, the receiver may stay fully clothed during the session.

Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions are available with Mathew by appointment, in your home or location, or at the studio space in Ithaca, or Cortland, NY.

Reviews from clients:
"A very well balanced and intuitive bodywork session - nice combination of strength and gentleness." 
- Lisa

"It was an amazing experience, leaving me feeling more relaxed and less sore than I had for more than a year. Best I'd felt since my car accident." - Mike

90 minute session. $60
Here is a video demonstration by Dr. James, head of the ITTA.