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- Great Class! I loved the philosophy you slip in." -Michael Franti, Yogi, and lead singer of Spearhead.

- I have been meaning to thank you for being such a fabulous and grounding yoga teacher. Your classes have done a lot for me mentally and physically- which as a super uptight,type a person- is needed. Xoxo

- I started my teacher training this weekend and as I was walking home thinking about how much attention was paid to the devotional practices and all the lifestyle elements of yoga and I was reminded of a quote from Emerson: "Use what language you will, you can never say anything but what you are." It reminded me of you because after my concussion a couple years ago I had damage to my short term memory and attention but I knew that I wanted to be in your class as much as possible. Even if I wouldn't remember it and couldn't follow along very well with what you were saying, I knew it would help me heal into more of who I wanted to be. Just wanted to say thanks!

- I'd like to highly recommend Huck's book: Simple Sutras. It's so well and clearly written for folks of our modern times. Anyone can really get it; from the dedicated yogi to the rank beginner. This is the handbook on life, people, written in modern language for us all to easily and joyfully absorb! Thank you Huck!

Hi Huck! Wanted you to know that your yoga teaching has been my steady little boat in some rough waters these past few weeks. I've been making time to do your signature practice (at least through sun salute a) each morning. My body and soul now hungers for it. And I am better because of it. It has been a balm. You are a healer. I hope that you have someone to do that for you. Even if it's from 3,000 miles away.

- Since I began practicing at Mighty Yoga, I have taken classes with Huck at least once a week. Initially, I was not entirely sure how I felt about his Dharma talks; I was there for a workout, not a spiritual, philosophical lecture. However, one of the things that Huck does so incredibly well is that he creates a space of “realness,” where there is no where to hide on your mat, because you don’t need to- no one is spared. Regardless of where you are on your mat, the humour of his modern anecdotes woven with ancient teachings and philosophies, soak into your mind, breathe fire and inspiration into your body, creating a place of growth and expansion on the mat, in your yoga practice, and ultimately, your life.

- Mati provides a fantastic atmosphere, even for non-traditional yoga students like myself. He even modifies the class structure around those in attendance to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience. Fantastic!- Trish S.

"Wonderful class ... I always leave class feeling refreshed and renewed. Highly recommend! Hoping to find time for more classes." Ann L.

"My Sister & I have just recently started Matthew's saturday class - Love It - It's a great way to end the week! Truly look forward to the different "theme" of each class - always able to relate to my own life. Wish I could get to more classes!" - Wendy O.

"Mathew's classes are by far the best yoga experience I've ever had! 
He has helped me find (& condition) muscles that I didn't know I had! 
I've expanded the limit of what I thought my body could do flexibility-wise.
He shares his knowledge of yoga & the body as you're doing the poses, explaining for example why you may be feeling certain sensations, or why certain body parts have a tendancy to resist... etc. -- this makes you feel more at ease in the practice, allowing you to relax into whatever may be going on in your body.

The class is fun, and interactive, and an all-around positive whole body experience."- Jennifer M.
"Absolutely wonderful. I will be dragging my friends and family." Heidi E.
"Huck is the best yoga teacher I've ever had." - Jen P.

- I love to go to a Huck class when I am stressed and really need to chill out. every flow is new and different.

- Huck is my favorite teacher because he is down to earth about yoga and is body positive. He speaks in relatable terms and explains philosophy well without sounding appropriative.
- Huck provides the most motivational speeches throughout his classes. I've learned so much about mindfulness and meditation and how to be engaged in relaxing myself over he past few years. His classes flow at a more predictable pace, which I find to be helpful to focus on my breathing more, yet they are still a good challenge.

- Huck helps me to both accept my body and also explore its abilities. I leave feelings centered. The hands on help he offers is great as well. How they pull mind and body together. Good messages for the spirit to hold on to. Good posses for the body to be strong and flexible. Huck's adjustments are amazing.

- Huck: He is my Mighty "home" - consistent; nuggets of philo goodness ("Huckisms"); desire to hold that f#cking plank for 5-4-3-2-1. No matter how big the class size, Huck is in tune with each yogi right there, right then. He manages to push us to our limits in a positive and constructive way, while creating plenty of space for introspection.

- Huck- his message and assists Hands on adjustments/tips, positive attitudes, spiritual guide through the work-out Able to focus the class on what students want to focus on that day. Really athletic workout. They have great class themes and structure and a good balance between work and rest
Huck's classes are very different, but just as strenuous and rewarding. Huck has a way of walking me through how to get to a pose that makes things very simple. I like that he doesn't always tell us what pose we are going to end up in because I feel as though sometimes if I knew I might not go for it. He has allowed me to surprise myself with what I'm capable of. He's also incredibly good at helping me to clear my mind.

- Huck adds a very spiritual and philosophic element to his classes. Some may not prefer this, but I love it. He always has an amazing take-away lesson for each day. I once told him I wish I could record his classes so I could have permanent access to his words of wisdom! Although he is usually pretty gentle, he can also be challenging at times, which is good. I also like the hands-on adjustments he offers.
- I really appreciate Huck's words during my practice; they are often very grounding. So great to listen to. Always supports new people makes it comfortable one on one stretch always a pleasure to take his class!

- I like how Huck has people say hello to the person next to them at the beginning of some of this classes. As someone who is generally pretty quiet this has helped me meet people in those classes and it feels like there is a good community because of that.

- Huck moved my yoga practice from exercise opportunity to mind/body connection. I learn something new every class. He makes me move, think and laugh. I really enjoy Huck's classes as well because he offers a more meditative aspect.

- Very present, clear, warm. Teaching while listening. Inspiring re: reminding me that my body talks to me & I might wish to listen to it! Non-judgmental. Helpful, knowledgable. Huck = basic yoga, without anything too complicated. Yogic dogma instead of music is good for the soul. Hands on adjustments.

- I particularly appreciate the teachers making individual adjustments/corrections to our postures. I love Hucks classes for his flowing diatribe and his reminders to accept where we are. Huck's class is unique and different.

- One of the first class's I went to with Huck was themed "beans and rice" yoga. I really liked the simplicity of his classes and the assists that he offers.

- For me, the thing that makes yoga special and keeps me coming back is the philosophy/dharma talk. The physical practice needs to be somewhat challenging but not so hard that I feel its beyond me.

- I like the time of Huck's Saturday morning class. Starting off my weekend with a solid yoga practice is refreshing and motivating. I enjoy how Huck has a "sermon" of sorts that brings an overarching theme to the practice. He is great with reinforcing the concept of starting where you are and helps with correcting poses in a gentle manner. As an "advanced beginner" I find his class approachable and his demeanor is non-threatening.

Creative classes, playful not taking yourself too seriously. Energy / Variety / Breathing / Yoga insights
I look forward to my Saturday's with Huck. He always has something fantastic to say and it's different every week. That shows me that he has a passion for what he does and puts time and thought into what he is going to bring to the class every week. It's not just a canned speech. Plus, he keeps class fun, and offers just enough challenge to keep it interesting. Huck is funny, provides a solid strength challenge and workout. He seems to know exactly when you need to be stretched or adjusted.

- I like his knowledge and experience and ability to remind us to take the yoga with you.

- It's so important to switch up the class routine from week to week. As someone who attends the same classes weekly I really don't like when the teacher does the same exact class with the same music over and over and over again. Variety is excellent and necessary. I also love Hucks philosophy lessons, which is pretty unique to him.

- I love the slower pace of Huck's classes and his dharma talks. Taking a bunch of foundations classes with him is what got me hooked on yoga. His adjustments and feedback on poses has also really helped me improve.

- I love how Huck integrate more reading and teachings and really makes you think. Positive energy and very informed. Variety, adjustments and assistance with poses. Foundations class is a good intro class.

- Positivity and challenging flow sequences that change every class

- I enjoy a slower pace to take for a deepening into postures with added options and suggestions for variations or new modifications. Absolutely everything. Huck is a wonderful teacher; he always pushes me but at the same time nourishes and supports me. I feel challenged and safe in his classes. The flow (it's a good workout) and her calm energy.

- Thoughtful and creative sequencing, cues and themes. Huck has a great focus on the self and spirituality.

- I value Huck's classes because they are slow and so strengthening, and because they always include dharma talks. And his overall attitude. And adjustments. And genuine care about his students.
Challenging but doable workout, with a restorative moment half-way through. Great messages to think about during the class. Good mix of humor and seriousness. Offered at a good time of day. I wish it wasn't so popular though - when college students are in town, it's stressful to get a spot in the class!

Huck's foundation classes. These are the classes where I make the most progress. I love the focus on alignment and breath. I always say Huck's classes are a bit like going to church, because of the yoga teachings her incorporates into the class. They feed my spirit. I've had several "aha" moments in his classes that really have changed my life outside of the studio.

- variety of flow, postures (interesting, challenging combinations of postures that change in every class) / level of workout (I am interested in a rigorous workout) / adjustments in class to help me improve / right combination/balance of helpful verbal guidance along with time to flow without hearing the teacher tell a story the entire time. 

- I am in loveeee with Huckleberry Yoga! I work around 70hrs a week so it is very hard to keep yoga as a continuous practice. I have done my best recently to re-arrange my work schedule so I may attend Huck's 6pm Might Flow class Wednesday nights. He is an amazing instructor. Very fun and outgoing, silly and serious, and kick's my ass in class! It's a great experience and I wish Huck offered other night classes during the week so I could attend more often!

- He's encouraging, very patient, offers adjustments, gives two breaks (I like the predictability and knowing I'll get that break!), encourages you to push yourself yet lets you know it's okay to do what your constitution allows. I always leave Huck's class feeling good about what I've done - or at least tried to do.

I like the sense of purpose that Huck imbues in his classes. Everything! And the variety.
The types of poses included, the sequencing of poses, style of teaching, personality Hands on help!
Adjustments, philosophy, pacing and sequences easy going, comfortable atmosphere.

- I enjoy Huck's consistency, I always know what I will get out of a Huck class.

- Huck's classes have helped heal some injuries I have- and his adjustments have helped immensely. The cadre of teachers give a little personal attention to their students, share something of themselves- but not overshare, teach in a way that encourages self-care and independent practice, and encourage community- even if it is just saying hello.

- Huck- no judgement, good coaching

- Huck's great voice and concise but always very interesting and inspiring thoughts on what to think about during the class and outside! Huck's foundation's course is awesome -- the slower pace and greater focus on each of the postures is wonderful.

- Huck's sense of humor and knowledge - he's real. His personality/stories during class.

Event Reviews:

- Thank you so much for all that you do for the yoga community. You create and enable such wonderful opportunities for us to connect, engage and grow...mind, body and spirit. My experience this weekend was fabulous... I'm looking forward to many more to come! ~namaste, Caron

- Really Enjoyed The Winter YogaMelt! -Anna

- Wonderful to meet you. It was a great weekend; very enlightening! -Carolyn

- Had another amazing weekend. Thanks to all the instructors for so many pointers and for new points of interest... These events were a highlight of my assignment in NY, so again thank you so much for all your hard work. (was sore Sunday afternoon for a few hours but it was well worth the experience) - Sharon

- I had a great weekend!! A little sore but well worth it! Thank you and look forward to future events :-)
- What a wonderful weekend. So many new experiences and great new friends. I loved it! Only regret? Didn't get to experience ALL the classes!

- We had a blast! What a fun weekend. What amazing talent, spirit, and fun! Really looking forward to next year. Thanks for pulling it together!
- Thank you to all for such a wonderful weekend! I had so much fun trying new form of yoga and meeting such great and inspiring people!

- Had the best weekend in a very looooooong time! Thank you so much for guiding me back to the path of self love :) - Jay

- Thank you all for introducing me to a new and wonderful experience! - Jennifer