Frequently Asked Questions

If you are attending the event, please read this whole page!

What is included in the registration?
  • Three days at Antler's Lodge in the Adirondacks
  • Lodging for Friday And Saturday night in the cottages
  • Meals, for Friday Saturday and Sunday 
  • Yoga for all three days
  • Hiking meet up to climb a local mountain
  • A tour of the lake on the classic cruise ship, the W.W. Durant
  • All facility fees are covered, (beach, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, etc.)
When Is the last day for registration?
Everyone must have all registrations finalized by June 1st. No spaces can be guaranteed after that date.

What is the refund policy?
No refunds can be made. The event is guaranteed to happen.

Can children attend the event?
Due to lodging arrangements, and insurance, no one under 18 may attend this event.  

How does lodging work, will I get my own room?
The lodging is one twin bed per person. The rooms are 2 or 3 twin beds. Each room has a private bathroom with shower. If you register as a group, you will be assigned lodging together. (combinations or 2 or 3) individuals will be assigned a bed in a lodge room with people of the same gender. If you register for a private room, you will get your own room, with your own bathroom.  You must register for a private room if you want one. All room arrangements will be finalized for your approval before the event. These are rustic accommodations, with very nice rooms, showers and bathrooms in each, but no linens on the bed. Think summer camp! 

Do I have to have yoga experience?
No, this retreat is for all levels and all abilities. The small group setting will allow for the teachers to accommodate.

Will we be doing any work?
We will be responsible for cleaning up after ourselves, helping to clear the table at dinner, putting away the equipment we use, and cleaning up the lodges when we leave. Other than that, you can relax.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me personally, Mathew Ingles.

Here are some questions and answers from the Antler's Lodge.

Where do I park my vehicle?

Parking for all of the Raquette Lake facilities is at Antler. Find a staff member for assistance. If you cannot find a staff member, park your vehicle at the Main Lodge and walk to the bottom of the hill. The office is in the building on the left.

What are meal times?

Meal times are breakfast at 8 a.m., lunch at noon and dinner at 6 p.m.

If someone in my group has a food allergy, do we need to bring our own food?

For special food requests, the cooks should be contacted directly prior to your arrival. Planning ahead helps immensely due to our location and delivery schedules. The cooks will know best how they can serve you.

Do you have running water at the Raquette Lake facilities?

Yes, both sites on Raquette Lake have running potable (drinkable) water.

Can I drink the water out of the bathroom faucets?

Yes, all of the running water on both sides of the lake is potable (drinkable).

What do I have to do before I leave?

There is no janitorial or maid staff at any of the locations. All participants are expected to clean their accommodations, including sweeping, mopping and/or vacuuming, where applicable, before leaving. Each guest is responsible for leaving the facilities in as good or better condition than they found them. Cleaning supplies minus elbow grease are supplied.

Do you provide linens?

The center provides a wool blanket and a plastic coated pillow for each bed. You are encouraged to bring a pillowcase and either linens or a lightweight sleeping bag. All beds are twin-size. Check with your group leader for further recommendation.

What kind of boats does they have available for use?

Canoes, kayaks and paddleboats. Life jackets must be worn at all times and are provided by the Lodge.

Will you supply a medical kit for my group?

The center is not responsible for providing first aid kits for your programs. We have a small kit for use at camp.

Where is the closest hospital?

The closest hospitals are in Utica and Glens Falls approximatley 80 miles away in each direction.

Do you have lifeguards?

No, you are responsible for your own individual and group water safety.

Is there a noise policy at Raquette Lake?

Yes, quiet hours are observed from 9 p.m.-7 a.m.

Can I bring my tent?

Tents are not to be used at the center's main facilities. Check with your group leader before packing equipment.

Can I bring my boat with me?

Contact the center director before bringing boats of any kind.

I own a Jet Ski can I bring it?

Jet Skis may not be brought to the Raquette Lake center.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No guests are allowed to bring pets or animals.

Can I bring my CD player with me?

Check with your group leader before packing technological devices. We do not recommend bringing electronic equipment; you most likely will not have time to use it.

Do you get cell phone service at the center?

Cell phone service at the center is sporadic at best. Check with your group leader before packing technological devices.

Are there computers there for me to use?

There are no computers for use other than instructional. Wifi is available.

What are the sleeping arrangements like at Antlers?

Most sleeping accommodations are bedrooms with two or three beds in each room (one bunk bed and one regular twin-size bed). Each bedroom at Antlers has its own bathroom and shower or tub. The Main Lodge can sleep 18 people, the Cedars nine folks and the Terrace Cottages collectively 18 people.

Driving Directions To Raquette Lake

Driving From Syracuse or the West
Take Interstate 90 (New York Sate Thruway) east to Exit 33. Follow Route 365 east to Route 12 north, then Route 28 for approximately 55 miles. 
Take the NYS Thruway to Exit 31, following signs for Utica Routes 8 & 12. This area can be tricky. Get onto Routes 8 & 12, Utica and Genesee St. north lane. Merge right with Routes 5, 8, & 12. Stay in right lane and turn right at the light (there is a Fastrac gas station on corner). Take the first right onto Routes 8 & 12. Follow signs for the Poland and Watertown exit. Exit right, after you have gone under the overpass. Wal*Mart will be on your right. Make your way over to the left lane still following Routes 8 & 12 north (merge is near a Ford dealership on your right). Follow Route 12 north onto Route 28 north. Bear right at the Nice and Easy Sunoco gas station (approximately 20 miles from Utica). Follow Route 28 north to Raquette Lake.

From the North
Take Route 30 to Blue Mountain Lake, then follow Route 28 south for about 10 miles. 

Driving from Albany 
Take Interstate 87 north to Warrensburg, Exit 23. Follow Route 9 north (NOT 9N) through Warrensburg for approximately five miles, turn left onto Route 28. Follow Route 28 to Blue Mountain roughly 50 miles. At T- intersection, turn left on Route 28 and continue for about 10 miles.

From Route 28 
Turn onto Raquette Lake Road at the corner where you see a small school and power sub-station (Sagamore sign on the opposite corner). Proceed north through Raquette Lake Village. Stay on the paved road following it through town. You will drive past the Post Office (on your left) towards the lake, (General Store on right) once near the lake the road curves around to the left. Continue on the same road past the Library towards a small hill. Go up the hill around a sharp bend. The road will twist and turn a bit; you are looking for a brown and yellow Cortland Outdoor Education Center sign, not a Raquette Lake Camps sign. You will see the Cortland sign and road signs for Brightside and Antlers Road, turn right onto Antlers Road and follow to next Cortland sign. Turn right into the parking lot and park. Walk to the base of the hill for further instruction.

Suggested Equipment List

The time of year you visit our facilities will depend on the items you will bring. Do not bring or use black plastic garbage bags. Our local garbage collector will not accept them. 

A.) Sleeping Gear
Each participant is responsible for bringing his or her own bedding. Sleeping facilities at both of the Raquette Lake facilities consist of a plastic coated twin-sized mattress, a plastic coated pillow and a wool blanket on each bed. You may bring twin-sized sheets. Sleeping bags are preferred and may be required for your program. You may want to waterproof your bedding in plastic for transport. 

B.) Toiletries 
Suggested toiletries includes: contacts, contact solutions, deodorant, glasses and sports strap, lip protection, prescription medications, shampoo, shaving cream, shaving implement, soap, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, etcetera. 

C.) Suggested Clothing 
Warm and cool clothing should be packed. Layering clothing is recommended. Both long and short-sleeved clothing will help protect you from the weather, sun and bugs. Remember that cotton fabrics absorb water and moisture and take a long time to dry. Be sure to pack appropriate undergarments such as underwear, long underwear and socks. A breathable waterproof outer layer will help protect you from environmental factors. 

D.) Footwear 
Footwear will be contingent upon the season. Sturdy footwear will be worn throughout camp, as bare feet are not permitted. Old sneakers, water socks or sandals work well for the waterfront area. Bringing more than one pair of shoes will allow drying time in between uses. Please note boots are not worn in the dining hall during the winter. Bring a pair of "indoor" shoes for dinning hall use. People on KP shall wear sneakers, no open sandals or shoes. 

E.) Other
Alarm clock, board games, camera, flashlight, insect repellant, notebook, rain gear, sunglasses, swimming suit, watch, water bottle and writing utensil.

F.) Cell Phones
Cell phone service at the Center is sporadic at best. We would encourage you to leave cell phones at home or in your vehicles. The center will not be responsible for lost or broken electronic equipment of any kind. We ask that you keep in mind the values you are trying to instill in your participants.